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Citify — SA Developers Offering Premium-Quality Homes

If you’re looking for SA developers that conceptualise and build premium-quality homes, let Citify be your partner. Our company develops homes that suit the needs and lifestyle of the residents. To be specific, we educate ourselves to determine how people want to work and live in their homes.

As SA developers, our primary goal is to erect high-quality residences and commercial buildings. To date, we have over $120 million worth of properties completed or currently in our pipeline of work.

When building and developing properties, we take into account longevity and sustainability. Furthermore, our knowledge of the wants and needs of potential residents ensures that we can meet their expectations.

To ensure quality results, we only work with the best in the industry. In other words, our advisors, planners, sales agents, accountants, conveyancers and lawyers, architects, subcontractors and the other individuals we work with are all experts in their fields.

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Professional SA Developers | Our Process

As a growing SA developer founded on our ability to deliver, we have established our very own development system to guarantee the success of the project. Backed by our experience in the industry, we only employ the best people. Our team's creativity and expertise solve issues efficiently; an inevitable aspect of developing since every project is unique.

As reliable SA developers, we ensure that every aspect of our projects meets the standards and requirements set out. When undertaking feasibility and analysis of the viability and marketability of a project we consider the following:

A land/site analysis

We visit the site and look at things like street furniture and assets (stobie poles, trees, bus stops), whether there are any protected trees on site, if the site slopes and which direction, whether the current building may have asbestos or demolition complexities, locations of exiting crossovers. (Not a full list)

The planning code guidelines

Here we head to The Planning Portal for SA to find out what is envisaged for the area, what density and height limits may be in place and a host of other requirements. We often also make contact with our town planner and other planning related experts to get their feedback on the site.

Environmental and heritage adjacency or issues

The Planning Portal is again a great tool to find out whether there are any heritage buildings either on the site or in the nearby vicinity that may affect a development project on the subject site. Not only this but we look at environmental issues such as contamination and the site's history.

Legal and title related issues

We would review the Certificate of Title and plans to review risks such as covenants, easements, caveats, encumbrances, mortgages, dealings and whether the site currently has any current or historic approvals, refusals or applications in with council. The Form 1 or council searches of a contract would also clarify a lot of these risks.

Market research

Here we'd put together a report of the area's sales history, whether there are any gaps in the market, general demand, market sentiment, and demographics and trends to work out whether there's an appetite for the type of development we're considering - and if not - what might work better here?

Walkability and outlook

Our projects have historically sold and revalued very well on completion due to several factors, but one big factor is the strategic and careful locations for all our developments. Belford on the Park, The Willcox, Botten + Bowser and Hyde Park Place to name a few are locations that have outstanding walkability, outlooks to parks, open spaces and city views.

Yield study

Once we've collated all the data listed above we will get a designer or architect to put together a concept yield study. This will include potential site and building layout, including indicative apartment or townhouse numbers and other configurations and numbers of bedrooms with areas to allow a feasibility to be put together.

Financial feasibility

Once all the above and yield study has been conducted, usually enough information has been gathered to produce a considered feasibility study, which will look at all costs and options for structuring a deal including its timeline and whether the project is viable to proceed with.

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Select The Best SA Developer

Citify takes care of property development throughout its entire journey, from land acquisition to completion of construction and sales. We focus on two main streams that facilitate this - managing developments and then building them out.

We'd love to be a part of your next project, whether it be a development or bringing your goals for building your own home from dream to reality.

Are you ready to start your residential or commercial project? Talk to us.


Let us be your partner in developing profitable and quality projects. Contact us below for more information. We can work with you on every aspect of your project.