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Whilst these are single homes, that doesn't mean that we put in a fraction of the effort compared to an apartment building. We love working on one-off homes - they are fun to build with often fantastic results.

Designing your custom home

  • Budget

    Work out what you can afford. Allow a contingency (at least 10-15%). Then get your designer or architect to draft up a concept, which you can deliver to your shortlist of builders to get an idea of whether you can build it within your budget.

  • Designer

    When looking for a designer or architect, head to their website and go through their portfolio. Ask them (or better yet the builder that constructed them) what the cost of the build was. If it can be built within your budget, that's a good start!

  • Lifestyle

    Click below to find out some of the things you should be asking yourself about the way you live BEFORE you head off to an architect/designer.

  • Builder

    Not every builder is suited to building custom homes. Some don't like the word custom at all! There are a lot of factors that make up a good builder. Click below to find out.