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Developers and builders

We are developers and builders. We challenge stereotypes. We want affordable home options in premium suburbs. We want full accessibility to be an option in every one of our buildings.


  • Developing

    We purchase our own sites and deliver them through the entire process of developing all the way to handing over to our end buyers or tenants.

  • Project management

    We can manage projects as development manager for you. Leverage off our experience of $120m worth of projects to shortcut your financial and developing goals.

  • Construction

    We can control the outcome of our projects by also constructing them. We can more easily deliver to our stakeholders on time and budget. Typically our focus is on multi-residential projects but we do also build a small handful of custom homes for the right clients.

  • Develop with us

    We joint venture in development projects in Adelaide with land owners. We also provide private investors with exceptional returns and have had several individuals invest time and time again due to their ability to substantially growth their wealth through investing in our developments.

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Citify thrives on collaboration

Working with a team of innovative and specialist consultants we are careful from concept to completion of construction.

We surround ourselves with the best in the industry from our lawyers, conveyancers and accountants that know property inside out, to builders, architects, engineers, surveyors and planners who all contribute to our projects’ delivery, safety and success.

We have four key considerations when developing property that we believe are most responsible for a project's success - location, delivery, control and legacy.

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We are committed to providing the Adelaide community with quality developments

As property developers in Adelaide, we've had to approach developing systematically and methodically to ensure our success - there are thousands of steps to just a simple townhouse development - and as such, we created a development system to help us achieve this.


Discuss your future and current projects with us.

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