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Our Team

A small core team, we balance consistency with adaptability.

Our work involves meeting with our collaborators such as lawyers and engineers, attending sites with our builders, driving the project delivery as fast as possible and thinking about our buyers. We do most of our project marketing in-house, as we believe that any non-essential cost can be passed on as savings to buyers. We are committed to looking after our investors and buyers and this drives our decisions every day.


In everything we do, we focus first on how much value we can give.


We believe that the most important gift you have to offer is yourself.


Our success is predicated on how many people we can serve and how well we serve them.


Working with a team of innovative and collaborative consultants we are careful from concept to completion of construction.

We surround ourselves with the best in the industry from our lawyers, conveyancers and accountants that know property inside out, to builders, architects, engineers, surveyors and planners who all contribute to our projects’ delivery, safety and success.

Development management service

Using our development system we can help you achieve success in property development too. Leveraging off our experience and amazing team we've spent years finding the best people for, we can help you with all sorts of property developments, from one- into two-lot subdivisions or renovations, to townhouse projects and apartment developments.

We can manage the following project phases for you:

  • Concept designs and yield studies
  • Approvals - planning consent, building rules consent and full development approval
  • Marketing and advertising (for pre-sales and end of project sales or leases)
  • Construction tendering
  • Construction finance assistance
  • Project management superintendent role - we can look after the construction phase by managing VOs and progress claims and ensuring quality on site.

Contact us if you would like to catch up and discuss your current or future development sites by using the form at the bottom of this page.


Citify and Bert Farina Construction have launched Adelaide Building Capital, run by co-directors Joel Wilkinson and Anthony Farina, with Oreon Partners as the company’s advisor and auditor.

ABC’s purpose is to invest into South Australian building and development projects by value adding and transforming underutilised land into apartments, townhouses, commercial property or subdivided lots. Adelaide Building Capital provides a chance to be a part of developing property and earn 12-15% per year without needing the years of experience that we have in building and developing.

If this interests you, please contact us for more information on ways you can invest with Adelaide Building Capital and play a part in Citify’s projects.