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  • Collaboration

    As the lifeblood of Citify, collaboration with others challenges us every day to be better. This creates opportunities for learning from a fresh perspective and allows us to think outside the box. Collaboration keeps us inspired and helps us problem-solve better. We love nothing more than exchanging ideas and forming alliances with like-minded people and businesses.

  • Courage

    Courage is the beating heart of Citify. Wealth creation from property development requires courage to keep us strong in our vision. En-courage means to simply “give courage” and it’s something we want to give everyone we work with, to support and inspire and motivate everyone to go for what they value and believe in.

  • Creativity

    Creativity gives us our voice. Taking a vacant or underutilised lot to a fully constructed building that people love takes a monumental amount of imagination and inspiration. We infuse tons of creativity from structuring our projects and site procurement to solving problems and designing the buildings or branding the project and researching how our target market wants to live.

  • Commitment

    Collaboration, courage and creativity provide us with the lifeblood, beating heart and voice of Citify, but without the ultimate backbone of commitment, they have no support. Our commitment to our projects, investors and clients gets us jumping out of bed each morning to deliver on our promises. An immense amount of sweat, innovation and long hours ensures we deliver on our promises.

Why are we different?

  • Female Builder

    Whilst you don't often find Gemma on-site jackhammering up floors these days, she is the licensed building supervisor and managing director of Citify Construction and this gives us a unique and fresh perspective and direction.

  • Accessible Homes

    We try to include accessible housing in all our apartment projects as part of our developing and investing strategy.


Working with a team of innovative and collaborative consultants we are careful from concept to completion of construction.

We surround ourselves with the best in the industry from our lawyers, conveyancers and accountants that know property inside out, to builders, architects, engineers, surveyors and planners who all contribute to our projects’ delivery, safety and success.