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Premium off-the-plan apartments by Citify

Buying an off-the-plan apartment enables buyers to financially prepare for their investment. Furthermore, you can purchase at the property’s current price, protecting you from inflation and price increases in the future/by the time the apartment is complete.

At Citify, we ensure that the off-the-plan apartments we build highlight the homeowners and their families’ lifestyles and how they want to work and play. In fact, we are obsessed with making these properties premium quality. Our solid reputation in the industry has allowed us to develop $120 million worth of properties.

We recognise who our buyers are and how they want to settle down, and this helps us form the foundation of our work. We construct every project with lastingness and sustainability. Moreover, it is designed to project the future desires and necessities of our buyers.

Citify’s services focus on development management and construction. Every site we choose undergoes careful consideration to ensure that we can provide buyers with homes they’ll be proud of and worthwhile investments.

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How we deliver our off-the-plan apartment projects

When it comes to the conception of our off the plan apartments up until the finished product, we adhere to Australia’s strict standards. The land we purchase, walkability, amenities and the site’s outlook are the factors we heavily consider to ensure the long term value and legacy of our projects.

We designed our very own development system that will contribute to the success of the project. Drawing from our experience and combined with our excellent team, we put in the time to find the best people.

Creativity is among our biggest assets. In other words, we can transform empty lots into fully constructed homes that people adore. We use this asset to solve the most challenging development and building problems and determine what works best for our target market. How our buyers want to live takes priority in our projects.

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Citify | Delivering Services That Help Buyers Complete Their Off The Plan Apartments

At Citify, our development management projects range from small to large off the plan apartments. During the entire process, we practise this 10-step development process.

  • 1. Secure the site
  • 2. Submit planning application
  • 3. Property launch sales
  • 4. Acquire planning consent
  • 5. Secure development approval
  • 6. Obtain financing
  • 7. Reach pre-sales target
  • 8. Build the apartments
  • 9. Subdivide the lot
  • 10. Settle project completion
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Our other services

Aside from building off the plan apartments, we also engage in building homes, townhouses and more. Talk to us and let us help you materialise your plans.

Here are the following phases we manage for you:

  • - Concept design and yield studies
  • - Approvals involved in the construction of the building
  • - Marketing and advertising (during pre-sales, end of project sales or leases)
  • - Tendering process
  • - Financial assistance
  • - Taking on the superintendent role of project management.
  • - Managing VOs
  • - Progress claims
  • - Assuring quality on site

We are available to discuss the details of our projects and how we can help you. Just get in touch with us.

At Citify, we are passionate about delivering quality designs, construction and development of a variety of properties, including off the plan apartments. Contact us to find out more about our past and current projects.